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Welcome to Leeds Healthy Schools - 'designed with schools for schools'. 

Being healthy, safe, cared for, having a voice and influence are fundamental prerequisites to being 'ready to learn' and achieving true potential -  at any stage in our lives. Our aim is to support schools to help their children and young people to grow healthily, safely and responsibly and to become active citizens who do their bit for society and for the environment. The refreshed Healthy Schools toolkit within this site builds on the underlying principles of the English National Healthy School Programme and is available to all schools and settings - anywhere. It has been revised in consultation with schools and health partners. Content is aligned to the 2013 Ofsted framework and other available Ofsted guidance.

An improved, simplified and Ofsted-ready version of National Healthy Schools Status (previously Whole School Review/Annual Review). Schools review their provision for health and wellbeing across 4 areas: PSHE, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and EWMH. Includes a section on staff wellbeing.The self-evaluation tool draws on all available Ofsted guidance, and uses judgement descriptors. Schools can identify their strengths, whilst any areas for development can be copy/pasted quickly into a simple online action plan. Many schools have welcomed the opportunity to check against a clear set of criteria and there is NO need for collections of files, or writing of essays which comes as a relief to many! 


Schools can self validate and receive a certificate on a 3 year cycle. An external assessment visit and feedback report (on a three year cycle) is available. The written report provides useful evidence of provision for/ impact on spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development, learning, behaviour and safety.  

Healthy Schools Plus (previously Enhancement Model)
Make a difference! Plan for an improved health outcome, and measure the impact of your activities. Schools can:
  • select one of  four key health priorities : eg emotional health;
  • select a menu of performance measures; 
  • choose from a menu of  activities - increasingly evidence-based, following NICE guidance; 
  • quickly create, update and store action plans. 

We can help schools to use or develop local data to establish baselines and set targets. Schools develop an evidence trail and case study to demonstrate how their work has impacted on health behaviour, and support pupils’ readiness to learn. Provides useful evidence of impact on spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development, learning, behaviour and safety. Quality Assurance of action plans is available through 3 stages leading to a final award where schools receive the ‘Making a Difference’ plaque  

Feedback from schools about this website:
I have found it really useful and informative. The website is easy to use. I like the way I can fill an action plan out as I am going along.’
‘New website so user friendly – easy to share and use. Will be easier to engage wider school community rather than a job for one person.’
‘A tool that is useful………! Fantastic'
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